Job Qualification

1. Able to read electrical schematics and mechanical plans.

2. Ability to read and interpret REF/AC documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. 

3. Ability to run copper piping and PVC piping for REF / AC, understands sizing of refrigerant piping. 

4. Knowledge of Basic heat load and loss calculations and cooling load calculations.  - Understands the refrigeration cycles to include:  a. Identifying components in refrigeration circuits and how it works; 

b. Diagnosing and correcting problems in the system; 

c. Ability to use Ref/AC tools such as manifold gauge set, pressure & temperature measuring devices, multi-meters for electrical monitoring and others; 

5. Understands refrigeration and air-conditioning recovery, evacuation and charging, and system reprocess.   

Job Description

The HVAC-R technician is responsible for performing installations, repairs and maintenance, and troubleshooting of air conditioning and refrigeration system.

1. Analyze, plan, and perform PMS of HVAC-R system on assigned project.  

2. Troubleshoot, repair and make modifications if necessary to assigned HVAC-R system works.  

3. Maintain maintenance records, service reports, and testing & acceptance as a standard requirement.   

4. Other duties as assigned. 

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